REQUIREMENTS Before starting your Training

  • 10+2 Passed in Mathematics and Physics with minimum 60%

  • If you are from a commerce background, then you have to give a physics exam from NIOS or any open school. Minimum percentage required is 60%. LINK-

  • Any Bachelors (B.TECH/B.Sc) degree from a renowned university which must include subjects of physics and maths with a minimum pass percentage of 60%. 

  • Height of min. 5ft 5 inches is preferable for majority of the airlines in India

  • Valid Indian DGCA Medicals Class-1 stating FIT before commencing flying.

  • Valid FRTOL License

  • Valid RTR License

  • Valid Pass results( minimum 70%) for DGCA Exams in Air Navigation, Air Meteorology, Air regulations and Technical (General and specific).



Every State has a DGCA authorised aviation doctor.


The following doctors will do a full body check up and scans and the reports of which will be sent to DGCA Medical cell.

The Medical cell will generate a PMR number which will be your File number for lifelong. PMR number might be collected directly at DGCA office in New Delhi or It will be posted to your address anywhere within a month to 3 months.


Once Your PMR number is generated, you may apply for class-1 medical. Class1 medical appointment is to be taken 45 days prior and a complete and detail set of scans and check up will be done and a FIT certificate may be given to the applicant if all the criteria is met.Sometimes If an applicant does not meet a criteria in any of the following scans and checkup, he may be declared TEMPORARY UNFIT by the medical officers and are given 2-4 months time(depending on the situation). He may be again declared FIT after the given time if the criteria is met again after the recovery/surgery time.

The following scans and check ups are done for DGCA Medicals:

  • ECG.

  • ENT

  • X-RAY.

  • Ultrasound.

  • Audiometry.

  • Blood Test.

  • Urine Test.

  • Blood Pressure.

  • BMI check.

Class-1 medical is done by Indian Air force medical centres, Apollo Hospitals (chennai), nanavati hospitals (mumbai).


How to give DGCA exams?

You need a Computer number which can be get by registering at eGCA Portal on the DGCA


  • Once registered on eGCA Portal and getting your Computer number, you can now apply for the exams.

  • You can attempt all the exams at once or can give one by one.

  • These exams occur once in 2 months period.(sometimes it may go upto 3 months).

  • It is suggested to give all your exams and then start flying training. Trust me, It will get you ahead in the line.

  • RTR exam is a different than usual exam and the details of it are discussed in the DGCA EXAMS .

  • All the exams require a minimum of 70% to pass.

The Next step after clearing all your papers is flying. You need to do a school hunt to get into a good flying school and detailed information is present in HOW TO SELECT A FLYING SCHOOL


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