Students after completing Flying Training outside India and can come back and apply for License conversion in India with DGCA:

  • students need to pass 2 written exams namely Air regulation and Composite paper including Air meteorology and Air navigation.

  • Technical paper is not required for students converting their license.

  • Students after clearing the exams need to get a FRTOL license which will allow them to use all the communication and radio equipments in aircraft in India

  • After getting FRTOL and RTR licenses, the trainee is eligible to fly in India for conversion of the license

  • Trainee needs to complete 5 checks( Skill test) with DGCA examiner in the same flight, he/she has completed the CPL in the foreign country and those 5 checks are General flying Test DAY, general flying test NIGHT, 120nm Night cross country, 250nm  Day cross country, IR Test( If IR required).

  • Once you are done with all the flying requirements and tests, you should arrange all the forms and crosscheck with all the prerequisites to fill an application for CPL. 

  • Once submitted, It may take upto 1-3 months or more depending on your application.

  • If any document is not approved, then you may get a short-fall for that document and you may have to re-submit again.

  • Fo more Information on the documents and prerequisites required for submission for CPL, Kindly Contact me.


TYPE RATING is an endorsement on a pilot's license which means that the pilot is trained and tested for a particular model aircraft such as Airbus 320, Boeing 737-800, ATR-72 500, ATR-72 600.

  • For Flying any aircraft weighing more than 7600 Kgs of its Maximum Take off weight(MTOW), a pilot must be Type Rated on that particular aircraft

  • TR is done in approved and qualified simulators and a pilot is trained for all the possible emergencies and flying skills.

  • A skill test at the end of the course makes a pilot qualified and type rated before a pilot starts its Base training and further training with an airline as a First Officer.

  • TR is usually 30-45 days course depending on the program structure.

  • TRTO are the training organisation which are approved for providing training with Proper functioning simulators 

  • In India, FSTC Gurgaon & Hyderabad, is a TRTO with A320, B737, ATR72 Simulators.

  • Air India CTE, Hyderabad, is also a TRTO with all the fleet simulators of air India.

  • CAE in Bengaluru is a TRTO with Simulator training and Boeing Simulators.     

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