"A dream is not that we see while we are asleep, but it is something which will not let you sleep".

The above quote was just a mediocre statement for a 8th grade student like me, stated by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir, until I sat in an airplane for the first time.

I still remember how I rushed for the window seat and gazed at the wing and the navigation lights through it. My mind had so many unknown questions running regarding every part of the wing that was moving and the sound made by engines running. My Mother was next to me but she did not belong from the aviation background , so asking her did not help me to find an answer of those questions.

It was an Airbus 320 from Jaipur to my home in Hyderabad back in 2008. I remember the glimpse of the cockpit while entering the aircraft and wondering how those buttons and some small screens make you fly for real.

It was that day I decided to work in the aviation industry and learn about an Aero Plane. Before learning the technical details, one must always require to have the SKILLS and QUALITIES to fly an airplane. Skills are taught during your flying training lessons later but qualities are acquired to learn on daily basis. I would like to advise you the 3 basic qualities for BECOMING A PILOT:

  • COMPASSION- Passion is the need to learn and a need to achieve what you love regardless of any profession. Without passion, your dream will be lost. We need to start loving and respecting what we want to achieve In future. It is not a one day job to get passionate about your work. It develops on daily basis If we start respecting and loving our dream with interest. A Passionate Pilot will always have an ability to Learn and to educate someone.

  • RESILIENCE- It is the ability to bounce back or withstand from difficulties/Problems. Your work requires you to be resilient as for example there are millions of parts in an aircraft and every part has to do its job correctly for it to fly safely and smoothly. In case of an error or a difficulty, a good Pilot has to be resilient and try to recover from his problem using the correct technique as advised in the Safety Operating procedures Manuals( S.O.P).

  • TEAM LEADER- A commercial Pilot is not the sole person in the aircraft to fly the aircraft, handle the passengers and cargo. There is a team which is led by the PILOT-IN-COMMAND (PIC). This team includes a CO-PILOT, Cabin Crew, ground crew. It is PIC's duty to safely fly the Passengers, the Crew members, the ground members (when aircraft is on ground) and lastly THE AIRCRAFT ITSELF. A good Team leader should always respect the other team members and acknowledge their skills and work. A flight from is always considered SAFE when this PIC and his/her team performs their task and share the workload successfully.

These qualities does not come naturally in a person and is definitely not a one-day course. It takes years to get these qualities developed in you and sustained. There are obviously other qualities to become a pilot but it depends on the individual. These qualities are Inter-related to each other and developing a quality would require:

  • Compassion can be developed by reading books and learning ways to achieve your dream. Watching videos of different types of airplanes and airports and reading blogs like these to keep yourself educated and motivated is one of the ways to stay passionate.

  • Resilience can be learned from one's difficulties in life. Regardless of the nature and size of a problem, It always has a solution. So remaining calm and understanding the problem will help you out to reach the solution. Discussing the depth of the problem and deciding a solution with your co-pilot will make you a better Leader and it shows a good Crew Resource Management (CRM) behavior.

Now, the technical side on becoming a pilot will be up on my next blog- 'DREAM to FLY HIGH' . The different steps and qualifications one needs to have to fly an aircraft will be the highlight of the next blog.

See you on the next…

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